Pricing System

Pricing System

We always provide the best for our clients within their budget range; therefore we provide two different pricing systems.

Consultation service (hourly fee)
This hourly service is ideal for people who have an established design direction for their projects, and are only seeking professional guidance at certain stages. 

Consultation is geared towards material selection, including:

  • Cabinetry
  • Architectural finishes (Flooring, Paint, Tile, Wallpaper, Windows, Doors, etc...)
  • FF&E (Appliances, Lighting, Plumbing Fixtures, etc...)
  • Furniture, Home Décor, etc...


Turn-Key Design service (flat fee)
Turn-key design service is perfect for clients who prefer to leave their projects to the experts. We will evaluate the scope of your project and for an agreed-upon flat fee, we can oversee your renovation from start to finish. This all-inclusive turn-key package offers full scale design service, including budgeting and project management for individuals seeking to customize a home or business. Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, this flat fee service provides our ultimate level of dedication that will consistently meet your quality, schedule, and cost objectives.

This crucial assistance allows home and business owners to achieve a seamless design concept with a controlled budget and timeline. We will organize as much or as little of the process as our client desires.


Home Staging

Since we provide whole or partial staging services; it is up to the client to choose between per room staging price or whole house (turn key) price.

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